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Crime Victims Action Alliance (CVAA)

The Crime Victims Action Alliance (CVAA)
CVAA promotes victims’ rights and public safety.
CVAA believes that all citizens have the basic right to live in
a society free from violence;
to feel safe in our communities, homes,
schools and places of business.

About CVAA

The Crime Victims Action Alliance (CVAA), a non-profit social welfare organization,
promotes victims’ rights and public safety.

CVAA, in achieving it’s mission, will:

Aggressively advocate for better laws, regulations and policies

Actively support public officials who respect and endorse the rights of victims of violent crime

Hold accountable those who have been entrusted to ensure public safety

Our Vision – Victim Centered Justice

Become an Associate of CVAA

By Becoming an associate of CVAA you support our commitment to:

  • Significantly reduce the incidents of violent crime in America and future victimization.
  • Secure victims and survivors a central position within the criminal justice system.
  • Improve rights and services for victims of violent crime at the local, state and national levels.
  • Alert the public and elected officials to the costs of crime and violence. READ MORE