Reports and Studies

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The Rights of Crime Victims —
Does Legal Protection
Make a Difference?

Discussed in this Brief: The impact of legal protection on crime victims' rights. This survey of more than 1,300 crime victims, the largest of its kind,was conducted by the National Center for Victims of Crime to find out whether State constitutional amendments and other legal measures designed to protect crime victims’ rights have been effective. View Report.



Victim Costs and Consequences:
A New Look

This Research Report documents the results of a 2-year multidisciplinary research effort to estimate the costs and consequences of personal crime for Americans.  The report explains the nature of and how the costs were estimated for tangible (e.g., medical care and property damage) and intangible victim losses (e.g., pain and suffering). View Report.


OVC's Legal Series Bulletins
Helping understand the legal issues
affecting crime victims
The series is designed to be an informational resource for victims, victim advocates, victim service providers, criminal justice professionals, and policymakers in states across the Nation.  Each bulletin provides a digest on important issues affecting crime victims and highlights circumstances in which relevant laws are applied. Current bulletins are listed below.

Juvenile Offenders and Victims: 2006 National Report
Presents comprehensive information on juvenile crime, violence, and victimization and on the juvenile justice system. This OJJDP National Report brings together the latest available statistics from a variety of sources and includes numerous tables, graphs, and maps, accompanied by analyses in clear, non-technical language.View Report.

Criminal Victimization, 2007
Presents estimates of rates and levels of personal and property victimization for 2007 and describes the substantial fluctuations in the survey measures of the crime rates from 2005 through 2007. View Information.


DNA Knowledge among Victim
Service Providers
Results of an Online Survey and a Multidisciplinary Focus Group
A National Center for Victims of Crime study.  This report reveals that victim-serving professionals need more accurate and reliable sources of information, a better understanding of forensic DNA databases, more written information for victims, and more training for themselves.